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The electric utility industry's specialized EMF navigation payload for transmission line inspections. Contact us for demos and pilots.

Designed and built in the United States for electric utilities and inspection services worldwide.

Scalable Drone-based Transmission Line Inspections

EM/Nav is an advanced drone payload for
transmission line inspections and ROW mapping.

The payload uses electromagnetic fields (EMF) to guide

inspectors, automate workflows, and stay within shielded airspace.

With EM/Nav, utilities and service providers and are empowered to scale their drone-based inspection while significantly reducing costs.

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Unlock Your Transmission Inspection Operations

Increase safety

Achieve infrastructure masking by fixing your drone's distance to a transmission line operating within the EMF corridor.

Reduce time in the field

Inspect more assets per flight with automated and

guided flight modes, requiring minimal pilot command


Make your drone your primary tool for faster, safer

close-up and long-range transmission inspections.


Employ consistency and flexibility

Execute repeatable inspections and quickly

toggle to manual mode for ad-hoc inspections.


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