Increased transmission line inspection safety, efficiency, and automation in a ready-to-deploy drone. Now taking Pre-Orders.

Designed and built in the United States for electric utilities and inspection services worldwide.

Scalable Drone-based Transmission Line Inspections

EM/UAS is a specialized drone for transmission line inspections and ROW mapping.

Equipped with our proprietary payload, EM/UAS uses electromagnetic fields (EMF) to guide inspectors, automate workflows, and stay within shielded airspace.

With EM/UAS, utilities and service providers and are empowered to scale their drone-based inspection while significantly reducing costs.

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Unlock Your Transmission Inspection Operations

Increase safety

Achieve infrastructure masking by fixing EM/UAS's distance to a transmission line, or by operating within user-defined thresholds.

Reduce time in the field

Inspect more assets per flight with automated and guided flight modes.


Use EM/UAS as your primary tool for faster, safer close-up and long-range transmission inspections.


Employ consistency and flexibility

Execute repeatable inspections using positional (non-GPS) waypoints. Quickly toggle to manual mode for ad-hoc inspections.

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