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Safely cover long distances and streamline inspections using transmission line electromagnetic fields (EMF).
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Designed and built in the United States for drone operations worldwide.

Unlock Long-Range Drone Flight

EM/Nav is the drone industry's solution for shielded operations.

In shielded operations, also known as infrastructure masking,

drones contain their airspace within 100ft distance to critical infrastructure.

This is a vital component to safe beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) flight.

EM/Nav enables shielded operations using transmission

line EMF to lock a drone's position inside shielded airspace.

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Use EMF to Scale Your Transmission Line Inspections

Increase safety

Achieve shielded operations and GPS

back-up using EMF as a navigation source.

Reduce time in the field

Inspect more assets per flight with automated and

guided flight modes, requiring minimal pilot command.


Make your drone your primary tool for faster, safer

close-up and long-range transmission inspections.


Employ consistency and flexibility

Toggle between automated and guided workflows to execute repeatable inspections while maintaining full control.

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