Below and above the water


Our USVs

Ready-to-deploy Unmanned Surface Vessels


  • Full autonomy and awareness

  • Double-modular payload design 

  • Operates in extremely shallow and deep environments



  • Auminum-alloy catamaran hull

  • Ready to deploy in tight spaces & tough areas

  • Easy to clean and maintain




  1. Plan your mission

  2. Deploy

  3. Monitor

  4. Retrieve


Your Applications

Access tight, shallow water environments for bathymetric surveys and above surface data collection


Our Services

Tell us your data needs

  • Bathymetry surveys

  • Water quality sampling

  • Structural inspection

  • 3D reconstructions


Our Story

Manifold Robotics is a collection of engineers and drone experts pushing the forefront of unmanned systems. As a team, we are passionate about providing innovative tools for scientists, engineers and data collectors.

We are located at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, NYC where issues like water quality, infrastructure, and power use are vital.

Jeffrey Laut

CEO and Head Engineer

Jeff is passionate about robotics and the environment, and founded Manifold Robotics shortly after completing the PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at New York University.  At Manifold Robotics, he sets the company’s vision and goals and leads technical development.

Malini Sharma

Software Engineer - Computer Vision

Malini is a developer specializing in artificial intelligence. She became enamored with AI in her studies, and went on to do research in social robotics as well as autonomous locomotion. She is the driving force of computer vision at Manifold Robotics.

James Clark

CBO and Unmanned Vehicle Expert

James is a drone technology and GIS expert currently driving product development and sales. His drone work started with mapping and field operations then moved on to Technical Support Engineering at a leading drone manufacturer. He enjoys troubleshooting and connecting with others.

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